Friends From Abroad
Keren campus is getting known to people from for off as well. It has become a routine that when foreign nationals come on a tour, to Madurai, they are summoned or they are brought to get a glimmer of our children. Though, we run a tight schedule, there is always some time available for them to mingle with our children by way of sharing kids gospel, skits, songs etc in their accents which make the meets electrifying. A campus with a lot of huz & buz !! no questions.

We take more efforts to attain global standards in the field of education. Some of the best and the senior teachers and some principals from abroad came to our school to train our teachers. It’s a great blessing! They took special care to refine our teacher’s teaching. They observed our teacher’s class and helped them by giving their feedback and gave many tips.

Getting opportunity to learn from the teachers from abroad is not easy. It’s very rare. But our students got this golden chance many times.

A group of young and energetic teachers from various countries came together to our school. They took classes for our children and our students had an effective interaction with them.