Keren Schools - Management Team
Keren Schools have been having essential conversations about the need to increase and respect diversity and inclusion on campus.

Mr. P.T. Rajan Founder – Correspondent, Mrs. Joy Rajan Founder – Senior Principal and Mr. P. Prabhaharan Principal are pillars of Keren Schools. And they are ably supported by Mrs. Sugantha Kumari Vice Principal (Academics CBSE), Mr. R. SHYAM Vice Principal (Academics Matric),  Mr.D. ANANDHA BABU Vice Principal (Admin Matric), Mr. SUNDRESAN Vice Principal (Admin CBSE) and Mr.Mark Vice Principal (Academics – Usilampatti).

Mr. P. Prabhaharan, Principal
Mr.D. ANANDHA BABU Vice Principal Admin Matric
Mr.D. ANANDHA BABU (Vice Principal Admin Matric)
Mr.SUNDRESAN, (Vice-Principal-Admin-CBSE)

Mr.R.SHYAM, (Vice Principal-Academics-Matric)

Mark - Keren
Mr. Mark (Vice Principal - Academics - Usilampatti)

Mrs.Sugantha Kumari (Vice Principal-Academics-CBSE)

Mr. P.T. Rajan Founder - Correspondent
Mrs. Joy Rajan Founder - Senior Principal
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