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My Dear Parents, Friends and Members of the Keren Family,

The year 2017-18 has been a fantastic journey with multiple learning and it gives me great joy to keep you informed about the various things we undertook this year — the regular as well as the unique.

This year we have marched forward in our journey expanding our horizon further. There have been multiple friends from overseas who came to visit/ teach our children that include a distinguished team of Principals from schools in England and Australia. We also had friends from Netherlands, USA, Columbia, Mexico, New Zealand as well as from the Far East.

Be Values

Kerenites will not alone be as a skilled person but also as a good human with good values. We do the work of transforming our society.

We gift our students with good values to the society. Our students are molded with the 10 ‘Be values’ what they learn through the assembly as well as we make them to experience each value.

Teaching Mathematics in Keren

Imagine a world without Mathematics! Where you cannot count, you cannot measure and you cannot visualize. Mathematics brings order in the world of confusion. The objective of teaching Mathematics in Keren is to link Mathematics in class with the learner’s everyday real life experiences.

We create an environment that makes it possible for the students to enjoy Mathematics rather than fear it.

Mathematics is not only mere calculations, formula and data handling but a platform to allow learners to comprehend reason, analyze, deduce and then find solutions.

We follow CPA (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract) method for the better understanding of students.


Educational Tour

Our Primary class (I-III) visited Madurai Airport in the month of February, 2018 and saw aero planes land and takes off at close quarters. Special government permission was obtained.

This trip gave us new experiences, as we saw and taught about air traffic run away, control room etc. Our children got inspired seeing the parade of Para-military commando’s at the Airport.


The specialty of sporting of Keren is that the children are exposed to the “State of the Art” atmosphere and there by feel great. Both at school of outside (Zonals, Districts, Divisional or States), our student achieve, in many numbers.

State Level Championships – Athletics

  • Shot put                             –         Vinith Kumar, X
  • 100mts relay & hurdle       –         Siva Aswin, X.
  • 4×100mts                          –         Sundar Vishiva, X.
  • 4×100mts                          –         Rohith, X
  • 4×100mts                          –         Justin Kumar, IX.
  • Discuss throw                   –         Theena, X

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