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My Dear Parents, Friends and Members of the Keren Family,

The year 2018-19 has been a fantastic journey with multiple learning and it gives me great joy to keep you informed about the various things we undertook this year — the regular as well as the unique.This year we have marched forward in our journey expanding our horizon further. There have been multiple friends from overseas who came to visit/ teach our children that include a distinguished team of Principals from schools in England and Australia. We also had friends from Netherlands, USA, Columbia, Mexico, New Zealand as well as from the Far East.

Grammar Master

Grammar lays the groundwork for effective communication. Without grammar, Clear communication is nearly impossible. Proper grammar keeps the students from being misunderstood while expressing thoughts and ideas.

The Grand Grammar Master challenge 2018-19. The Master of English is grammar and this special contest was between KPS and KMS. This event was a much-awaited event for KMS which created the most thrilling experience for students and teachers. Students were highly motivated to learn and improve their grammar. Finally the challenge came to an end with a great winning effort and, after three years, the rolling trophy was deservedly won by Keren Matriculation School.


Schemes and strategies

Keren stands to make a positive difference in lives of students. We have various schemes and strategies which make difference in our students Character, academic and skills.

Each and every scheme is designed to bring out the best shape our students in a positive way so they can “Shine as stars” in the future society.

Spell champ


Spellings are the most important mechanism of a living language. Children were exposed to high standard of vocabulary which enabled them to work on word patterns, and after a lot of hard work, perseverance and crossing many levels, 24 students entered the final of spell champ. The words were taken from newspapers and all the class NCERTtext books for the final round. As expected, each round got closer and closer and finally K. Kaviarasan of class IX-B was proclaimed the spell champ of 2019.


Keren Public School plays a vital role in identifying the talents of children and offers a platform to develop them. TADECON was inaugurated on 25th June 2018 by our senior Principal Mrs. Joy Rajan. She told us that students should unwrap the precious gifts of talents. Talent Development Contests are conducted throughout the year to bring out the innate abilities, talents and skills of our students. Story Telling, Tongue Twisters, Turn Coat, Pick and Talk, Tackle it, Drawing, Pot Painting, Oratory, Mono Act etc.


keren CBSE, Checkanurani
World Chess champion (2007-2013) - Viswanathan Anand
Viswanathan Anand @ keren

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