Friends From Abroad
Keren campus is getting known to people from for off as well. It has become a routine that when foreign nationals come on a tour, to Madurai, they are summoned or they are brought to get a glimmer of our children. Though, we run a tight schedule, there is always some time available for them to mingle with our children by way of sharing kids gospel, skits, songs etc in their accents which make the meets electrifying. A campus with a lot of huz & buz !! no questions.

Educational Tour:

Our Primary class (I-III) visited Madurai Airport in the month of February, 2018 and saw aero planes land and takes off at close quarters. Special government permission was obtained.

This trip gave us new experiences, as we saw and taught about air traffic run away, control room etc. Our children got inspired seeing the parade of Para-military commando’s at the Airport.

Educational Tour
keren_students @ airport


Grammar Master

The Master of English is grammar and the special contest is ‘Grammar Master Challenge’. This challenge was between KPS and KMS. This event created the most thrilling experience for the students to learn grammar seriously.

This interesting special contest created an enlighten spirit in every students mind and there were in thirst to achieve their goal. Finally the trophy was won by Keren Public School.

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