Friends From Abroad

Variety is the spice of life. As per this adage, there should be constant innovation, change & development in each & every area of any institution. So, it happened, in Keren Campus, a group of foreigners from US, stepped in & changed the ambience for about 10 days.

Yes, apart from their regular songs, dance, skits, and so on, they were also let inside classes to interact with our students so that our students learn some good English with a different accent.

Our children were very excited to learn about their country & culture. They improved their confidence level as foreign friends interacted without any indifference. In short, these friends from abroad & their casual communication do create waves in English Language Communication & the outlook of our children.

We take more efforts to attain global standards in the field of education. Some of the best and the senior teachers and some principals from abroad came to our school to train our teachers. It’s a great blessing! They took special care to refine our teacher’s teaching.

They observed our teacher’s class and helped them by giving their feedback and gave many tips. Getting the opportunity to learn from teachers from abroad is not easy. It’s very rare. But our students got this golden chance many times.

A group of young and energetic teachers from various countries came together to our school. They took classes for our children and our students had an effective interaction with them.

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