Club Activities (CBSE – Checkanurani)


The department of English plays a vital role throughout the academic year by concentrating on the 10 aims of teaching English like Listening , Reading , Speaking , Phonetics , Vocabulary , Grammar and Creative Writing. The department helps the students to speak English fluently and develop their communicative skills throughout the year.

  • Grammar Club
  • Reading Club
  • English laboratory
  • Oratory Club


“Adabra Cadabra” , the illusion which this subject brings, in a way, is a fact about this wonder full subject, called “Mathematics “many except a select few, stay away from this play of numbers & plethora of formula.

Well, math at keren, has come a long way and today it boldly boasts of its strength in many areas. In this academic year, the teachers took great initiative to kindle & grab the attention of   students Via starters, puzzles, exhibitions, math lab, quiz which helped them to open up thoughts relating to math in one’s life.


நனியுண்டு நனியுண்டு நேசம்
இனிதினிதாய் இனிமைத்
தமிழ் மொழி மீது
ஐம்பூதங்களின் முகவரியாய்
பாலும் பாகு தேனும்
முக்கனிச் சாரும் கலந்து
தென்நாட்டின் சுடராக ஏற்றுவோம்
எமது கேரன் பள்ளியின்

Mode of DNA:-by XI Boys
Muralidharan, Jason. They bagged the IInd prize.

Direction of Frog:- by VIII Students
Sukirthan Paul-VIII B2, Anbu Selvam-VIII B2, Yashwanth, Saran sundar-VIII B2. This team easily emerged as the first prize winners.

Mega  Quiz (Science):
A mega science quiz was conducted in the senior school, during the last year. It was literally a mind war between the competitors. Yes, after  a fiersome  competition, Aravind .P (VI),Rishiswar .G (VII) emerged  as winners and from VIII & IX we had Gokulnath (VIII) and T.S Hari Vishnu from IX  who took home the trophies. The Bio-club activities were enjoyed & won by quite a group.

Bio Club Activities:- (Eco Club)
Ecological balance is very much necessary for our life. It is one’s moral commitment to preserve & protect the environment. On this bases an eco-club was formed involving senior std students. Our principal Mr. Prabhakaran inaugurated the club & the students planted a sapling. They have an aim & vision to protect the environment, be sensitive about degradable non-degradable wastes, maintaining school garden & premises.

For Food Pyramid:-
V-Prize Abinaya IX

Circulatory model:-
Working model of circulatory system by Subarna (VIII) G3 she bagged the IV prize.

Pond Eco System:- IX-B2 Boys
Bharani dharan .S, Thilak .R , Harish Kumar, Jegadeeswaran. S this group received the IIIrd prize.

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