Electives (CBSE – Usilampatti)

Electives help our students to find hidden talents and allow students to seek out interests. In Keren, an elective course is one chosen by a student from a number of option such as Abacus, Classical dance, Multimedia, Music, Chess, Painting, Fashion designing, Karate and Scout.

Next year 2 new electives will be added: “Archery and Skating” and “Household Engineering” (Plumbing, Electrical and Gardening). The only motive of having elective courses is to raise students’ self-esteem and excel in their field of interest.

Elective classes lure students & kindle their excitement. They are done in order to provide for the students, an illustrative platform, which gives them a different angle to work on. We have around eleven electives to choose from-keyboard, Multimedia, Karate, Dance, Abacus, Art & Crafts, Scouts, N.C.C, Robotics, and Tailoring & Chess. Each elective teacher draws from his or her experience and converts the same into simpler modules to reach our children. They proceed according to a definite plan, which is also carefully monitored.

Arts & Crafts:
Children’s love for Arts & Crafts is amazing .They are taught various types of crafts & art forms like painting, pencil shading, water colour painting, glass painting & so on. At each form, the students respond differently & in an unique manner.

Of all classical dances, Bharathanatyam, the dance form from south India.(Tamil Nadu) has a special place. If has enthralled audience allover and still enchants people wherever it is staged. Regarding its benefits to mind and body, it has made a significant mark, one should say. At keren this same Bharatham, is given as an elective choice for children. Children learn this with a lot of eagerness. As an elective is open for any student between 6-9th, children throng to their classes with a lot of interest.

The word for mental arithmetic is called as ‘Abacus’. It is derived from Latin, meaning “mind calculation”. ABA means mind & CUS maths calculation. The specialty of this maths is that, it stimulates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, continuously, resulting in increased memory, creative thinking, learning, etc. Well, keren its make the best use of this maths also. They seem to love this elective and answer in a roaring in the class. One can visibly see the class, on fire as they shout their answers.

Scout, a movement started by Lord & Lady Baden Powell, is sure a system to discipline students. It gives the students a sense of uniqueness. He is lead into a severs of teaching of exercises, which makes him a fire man, later on……..         
Marches, uniform, tents, knot marching and etc builds in him confidence. He is also tutored in first aid, camping, tent making etc. Here, the child is exposed to a methodical learning which has far reading effects.

Pencil Shading:
Here the students are taught to “press” to bring about a difference. Light shading & dark shading, brings difference in meaning & message.

Water Colour:
They are taught to use brush. They learn how to apply on a sheet. Color painting using the brush helps them to unlock the magic of colors & shades.

National Cadet, Corps, (N.C.C.) is a school level discipline movement, depicting the brave and courageous soldiers of Indian Army. We have students from VI onwards till IX, who are trained by an youngster (Abisheik), from Arulanandar College. He gives them a polished & upto date training, leaving no “stone unturned”. Our students smartly learn principles of patriotism, importance of the defense mechanism, ethics and so on.

A discipline which talks about health & how to maintain the same, is taught via training. Moreover, N.C.C. cadets are used whenever the institution has celebrations like Annual day, Christmas functions, Independence day, Sports day etc., to usher, guide, escort and also to act as pilots in giving special escort & respect to the chief guest for the occasion.

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