Schemes-Strategies (CBSE – Usilampatti)

Schemes and Strategies:

We like to do many activities in our life. It is good to know the purpose of doing every single action in our life.

We can live a meaningful life when we know the answers for these questions.

Why we do? And what we do? For each activity that we do in our life.

Keren schools know the purpose of doing every action inside the campus. To achieve our school motto we follow a numbers of activities.

Morning study:

To start each day effectively as well as to teach them (the students) the habit of studying on their own, they have the opportunity to (reading) attend their morning study during 8.30 to 9.00 a.m

Thought for the day:

To take away their fear and to gain confidence students are expected to come forward and share their thought for the day regarding the value which they declared in that particular month.

Reading Ability:

To enrich their smartness of reading we follow an American way of assessment, Reading levels from A to Z. We concentrate on each student with case and concern to improve in their levels.

Comprehensive reading:

Students have class library in each class which has many story books. It will give interest to the students to improve their comprehensive reading.

Reading Habit:

To encourage their habit of reading story books, We have a system called “Book Club” which has 8 to 10 members in a group. Students will get chance to read 8 to 10 story books within a year.

 Newspaper reading:

To update themselves with knowing the current affair they also read the newspaper everyday during their lunch break time.

Be Values:

To produce the best citizens for the society, we need to mould and shape the character of the students. To achieve that, we declare each month as a month of one value like Be polite, Be honest, Be clean, etc.,

Moral Value:

To enshrine their character every Saturday they are attending their moral value class.

Appreciation Cards:

To recognize the students who are good in their academic and Character we have a method of appreciating them, by giving them the different cards like Blue,Red, Green and Golden cards. Golden card winners will be honored by giving a set of story books as a prize on annual day program.

The Best Class Award:

To appreciate the class which has the students who are good in academic of character, We give “The Best class” award for each month based on the ten norms such as cleanliness, notebook maintenance, Noise level, Language, hand writing , etc.,


TALENT DEVELOPMENT CONTEST (TADECON) is the unique contest which was introduced by the department of English in keren family plays an inevitable role in each students life to kindle their talents and exhibit it in front of others.

Splendid Contests:

Students are getting chances to participate in various special contests such as Spell Bee, Super reader, Grammar Master and Eloquent orator.

In each month they are celebrating their club activities for each subject which has number of events for example in maths week, they have quiz,Maths π rates, in science they have quiz,exhibitions, etc.,


Basic Skills in keren

  1. Reading
  2. Speaking

iii. Listening

  1. Hand writing
  2. Maths

We follow all these basic skills to help the students to shine well in their future.

We especially use all Saturdays for Concentrating on all the basic Skills.

Every Saturday (except 2nd Saturday) students practice their handwriting. The best handwriting will be selected and the points will be added to the best class award.


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