Special Contests – (CBSE – Checkanurani)

Spell Champ (An endeavor to instill love for words…)

 The aim of spell champ is ‘Awaken excellence, Promote values and provide an opportunity for students to meet and compete with their peers…’

Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection shared between sounds and letters.

This Competition was one of the numerous enjoyable competitions that give students a platform to learn spellings in different ways. This competition helps students improve their spellings, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts and develop use of correct English.

Children participated earnestly in the competition. This also helped in enriching the vocabulary bank of the students.

Super reader:
Reading helps students to fine–tune their verbal and writing skills, articulate thoughts, enhance problem solving skills, increase concentration, improve memory and add to their vocabulary. We have specific periods for reading. Through this our students learn phonic sounds, new vocabs, sentence formation and language fluency.
Reading makes a full man. ‘Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader’

The ability to read is a basic and core literacy skill in English. In Keren, we insist students to read, read with expression, good pronunciation, fluency, accuracy, stress, intonation (Raising and Falling), voice modulation, pause and spontaneous reading too.  Through reading students gain knowledge, acquire vocabulary, grasp the ideas and concepts of the author and pleasure too.

Students were given a couple of literary exercises which contained a short story and a poem to have an exemplary reading. Students were actively involved and enjoy reading. We are memorized by the way they read.

Grammar Master:  Grammar lays the groundwork for effective communication. Without grammar, Clear communication is nearly impossible. Proper grammar keeps the students from being misunderstood while expressing thoughts and ideas.

Declamation: Declamation is an art of imitating renowned orators. While students are performing the speech, they assume themselves as the original orator who delivered that speech.

Students recited the speech of some famous leaders like Abdul Kalam, Mother Teresa, Malala, Sundar Pitchai etc… Best orators were awarded prizes.

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