Sports at Keren, a feature which talks volumes running to innumerable pages, scaling high in glory after glory, a never coding saga.

A team of dedicated P.E.Ts, Mr.Senthil, Mr.Perumal, Ms.Kani, Ms.Lizy Pallene, Mrs.Kowsalya under the able guidance of Mr.Karthik, do amazing work when it comes to track of field events.

The specialty of sporting of Keren is that the children are exposed to the “State of the Art” atmosphere and there by feel great. Both at school of outside (Zonals, Districts, Divisional or States), our student achieve, in many numbers. It has become customary to participate in large numbers & a mass glory. Browse through please…. at the following baffling success stories of Keren – 2017-18

School Level – Individual Championship - Athletics


Under 14           -           Thiagarajan, VIII
Under 17           -           Sundara Viswa, X
Under 19           -           Gowtham, X


Under 14           -           Jhansi Merlyn, VIII
Under 17           -           Prithiya Sree, X
Under 19           -           Akshaya, XI

Zonals – Championship - Athletics


Under 14           -           Periapandi, VIII         
Under 17           -           Vinith Kumar, X        


Under 14        -             Jhansi Merlyn, VIII
(In this category, there are many others who have bagged either I/II/III positions)

Districts – Championship - Athletics


Under 17           -           Vinith Kumar, X

(In district level also there are some others who had secured positions (Volley ball, Football, Handball, Shuttle cock, Chess) and proceeded to division level.

Divisional – Championship - Athletics


Under 17 - Foot ball teams, got IInd prize


Under 17 + 19, Hand Ball teams, secured IInd & IIIrd prizes.

Singles (Boys)

Shuttle cock – Raja Bose, XI – IIIrd prize.

Singles (Girls)

Chess – V.C.Sneha, XI – IInd prize.
(In this category also, there are many who, having achieved, proceeded towards state level)

State Level Championships – Athletics

Boys Under 17

Shot put                          –         Vinith Kumar, X.
100mts relay & hurdle    –         Siva Aswin, X.
4×100mts                        –         Sundar Vishiva, X.
4×100mts                        –         Rohith, X
4×100mts                        –         Justin Kumar, IX.
Discuss throw                 –         Theena, X

Boys Under 19

Shot put             - Dheena Thayalan, XI

Singles – Boys

Taekwondo – Jeeva, IX

Singles – Girls

Chess - V.C.Sneha, IX

Sundara Viswa and Vinith kumar selected in Madurai Division and they played State Kabbadi Match in Ooty Runner up. Sundara Viswa - 10th std, became runner up at Kabbadi and got selected for a T.N camp.


Vinith Kumar-10th, got selected at SGFI, (School Games Federation of India) represented Tamil Nadu in kabbadi.

Selva Ganesh - 11th std, got selected for state football team and played with teams from 8 states.

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