TADECON Inauguration

On 30 June 2017,TADECON 2017-2018 was inaugurated by our principal Mr. Mark. His mind blowing speech inspired the students to participate in the contests throughout the year.

We had contests such as tongue twister, action song, composing poem, turn coat, oratory, composing poem, Article, writing etc. At year end 28 March 2018, we rewarded the students based on their points.

Introverts don’t taste success at all. They pass through life as an audience. To eradicate this, our tadecon “Talent Development Contest” offers the perfect platform of transformation. It is a series of competition, conducted to upsurge the potential of our dear students.

A range of activities like, Oratory, mono act, dance, skit, tongue twisters, word power, thirukkural recitation, art from waste, fair me as a fairy are dons to fascinate the child.

Throughout the year, they face the competitions, stage by stage. The main objective of tadecon is to motivate the students to exhibit their god given talents of skills, improve language, confidence etc.

TADECON, this is an acronym of talent development contest. We started TADECON with a grand inauguration on 1st  July 2017. The famous quotes says “Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express”.

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