To have a better future and to be happy at present, one should change the way one think.

As per the proverb says. “Be careful how you think”, our life is shaped by our thoughts! The battle to make right choices, to do good or to do bad, take place constantly in the mind! How can we change the way we think?

Three ways……

  1. Feed Your Mind with TRUTH
  2. Free Your Mind with God’s Love
  3. Focus Your Mind with PEACE

Let us add values to ourselves and to those around us.

“There are so many people whose minds do not belong to them. There are so many people whose thoughts have been purchased by people. There are so many people who have made people kings and queens of their thought. There are so many people who cannot sleep because of people.” 

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah A gifted Ghanaian writer and a teacher

There is a well known phrase that says “just let it go”, this is true as you cannot control everything.

When a negative situation happens in life, you tend to get angry and frustrated. This causes our emotions to take over and react badly towards a problem. When your mind is relaxed you can make better decisions about the problems that you face because you are thinking clearly and rationally.

A great technique that you can use whenever you are in a stressful situation is to count to ten slowly in your mind this will help you to release your anger and frustration.

When people become stressed their breathing tends to become short and shallow, which often triggers an anxious state within our body. Therefore, practicing the skill of deep, diaphragmatic breathing can be very valuable preparation for when you’re put in a situation which causes worry.

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